A Coach's Reflections

February 10, 2019


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I was talking to a group of successful entrepreneurs this past weekend, and as I was listening to them talk about their secrets to success, I reflected how fortunate I am to have been both a business owner and had a corporate career. Without fail, one of the major barriers to transformative action that I’ve come across in both frustrated executives and potential business owners is the mindset that “I’m not ready yet. I just need to read one more book / do one my course/ get one more degree / have a couple years more under my belt”. You name it. I’ve heard it.

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And time and time again, those that have leapt into a new role or a new venture have reached the stage where they think “Enough. I’ve got this”. For some it was around knowing enough, for others it was around having sufficient experience. The really interesting part of their conversation though was not the incremental difference that another course, another book or another program would make, but what they really needed was to shift from learning to sharing.

Easy to say huh? But not always so easy to do. It takes enormous courage to share knowledge, a view, content, or raise your profile in the public domain. You’re giving permission for someone to disagree, and need to be ok with that. See, sharing your wisdom is not about being right, it’s just about owning your stuff and knowing that some people are going to have a different view – a view that in all probability will lead to great debate and possibly, and even more robust development of your concept.

I wish I could wave a magic wand in front of every client who said “I’ll be ready to do x when I’ve learnt/mastered y”. As I wrote that last sentence, I started smiling. Because as usual, my clients are my best teachers. And they’re pretty much mirroring what’s going on in my head. I’ve spent the last few weeks creating some great content that I want to share widely. I love what I do so much. But because I work one on one with executives, I don’t always get the reach I’d like. So I’ m going to change that this year. But it means stepping into loads of unknowns and backing myself the way I coach others to do. Because we can all achieve the near impossible when we believe it. 

Which got me wondering. It’s February already (I know, how the hell did that happen?). What are you stepping into this year? I’d love to know and I’d love to support you. It’s time for all of us to shine.

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