A Coach's Reflections


Janine Daniels is an internationally certified Meta-Coach, with over 1500 hours of coaching experience. She is trained in Self Actualization Psychology and the Cognitive Behavioural Sciences, including Neuro-Semantics and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). She is a licensed Psychoneuroimmunology Trainer & Facilitator and has an MSc (Prof. Practice PNI) from Middlesex University in London.

Janine specialises in Leadership Coaching and Development and brings enormous knowledge of the interaction between brain and behaviour to her interventions. All her interventions are based on solid neurological and behavioural models. She believes in the magnificence of every human being and is passionate about being able to help people achieve their ‘more’.   Warm and fun by nature, Janine is a challenging and rigorous coach.

Janine works with people who want to change, who are open to being stretched and challenged. She works with leaders who lead from within, who want to remain true to their core values, who are passionate, who want to be strong and authentic, pioneering and creative.

She particularly enjoys working with Executives and Professional Women who are committed to their personal growth and development, and facilitates leadership of self before leadership of others.

Janine’s primary business is Coaching, which includes both design and delivery of one-on one and group coaching programs. She offers expertise in developing a coaching culture within organisations and provides a number of training programmes and workshops based on neurological models and leadership coaching principles. Janine also custom-designs programmes for Clients, and has worked extensively in the financial, human capital, construction, health care and mass media industries. Prior to establishing her practice, Janine worked in the Advertising Industry for over 13 years overseeing the account management function and as a Business Unit Director.

Janine serves as a Regional Director for The Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF), is a member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF), Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) and The NeuroLeadership Institute.

Janine brings commitment, passion and fun to all her endeavours. Although she is based in Singapore, Janine coaches (both face-to face and via Skype) and travels globally to present workshops and training programmes.

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